Saturday, April 30, 2011

Superman had the Key

Tonight I was reminded that people actually read the junk I put out. So here is another classic...

At Brigham Young University, things of the sexual nature are pretty taboo (If you didn't know, the majority of the student body is LDS-- see for more info). Also, if you are married at BYU, you can still be a Resident Advisor (aka, an RA). Having said that, one of my friends related a story where a girl he knew experienced something rather... unique.
This girl was walking down the stairs on the way to her vehicle when she heard someone screaming "HELP! HELP!" The girl went to the door, which was unlocked (don't ask me why...) and swung it open. There, handcuffed to the bed naked, was her RA. On the floor was the RA's husband... passed out... wearing nothing but a superman cape. Superman had the key to the handcuffs. So this poor girl had to set her RA free so that she could get dressed to take her husband to the hospital. Apparently kryptonite isn't superman's ONLY weakness.....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sorry... Gland problem

**No picture could be found to match the story**

My roommate Tressa was in her Civics class in high school working with this girl on a group project. Everything was going fine until something odd happened... the girl said something to the effect of "yeah... I think that...." and then was interrupted by a noise resembling a cross between a stalling car and a choking duck. The girl made this noise while tilting her head to the side, bringing her shoulder up to her ear, and twitching. An odd display. (Just try it out. Preferably not in public.) Tressa gasped and jumped back, almost falling off her chair. "WHAT HAPPENED???!?!" she said. "Sorry..." the girl replied, "I have a gland problem". Honey... that's not a gland problem.