Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Someone needed a hug...

Alright...I figured it was my turn to post something. Of course, my posts are never nearly as funny as E's but I'll go for it.

I work as a receptionist for a salon and at the end of the day I take all the garbages out and walk to the hugely ginormous one at the end of the business park (how many of you can say that you have a key to a dumpster? I thought so, feel free to let that green color of jealousy seep into your face for 33.7 seconds) Anyways, because there are always cars speeding in and out of parking stalls I sometimes like to walk down the middle of the road so that I can see the cars and the cars, for the most part, can see me. Yes this story has a punch line...
Anyways I could hear a car speed into the park but there was a UPS truck right next to me so once I passed that I wasn't really listening or paying much attention. Next thing I know I can hear someone shouting at me, "You have to walk right down the middle of the road!? SERIOUSLY!! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" What the!?!? Me and my three bags of garbage were seriously caught off guard and slightly I just finished walking the whole six feet left to the garbage dumpster and she sped out from behind me. Rude. The UPS guy had apparently seen and heard the whole thing because he comments to me, " Someone sure needs a hug today...was she serious?" haha...UPS guy you're my favorite. And also, I have no intention of changing my path to the dumpster..So yes mean lady in the red car who needed a hug, I seriously am walking down the middle of the street. You can chill for five seconds or slow down to the speed limit. Geesh!

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