Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'll punch your car.

Let me just vent the frustration that has been building up this past week. In back of my house (the one I just moved to, in Provo, with 4 other girls...yes, I moved out of my parents house), there is an area that comes along with the house and it contains FIVE parking spaces. Wow, that's just enough for the FIVE girls (including me) that live in the house in front of these spaces, go figure. Well, there is a lovely apartment complex that we basically can touch if we were to lean out the window to the east of us. Their parking spaces are in front of the complex and directly behind it along with a couple just strewn behind our spaces. They couldn't be more pointed out, even if you were to paint the lines in glowing neon colors. So I would like to punch the car of the person that decided to park diagonally, (seriously!? you couldn't be bothered to park parallel to the other cars next to you) IN MY PARKING SPOT!!! This car has been there for almost two weeks hasn't moved. Really, not one inch has it budged. That is my parking spot buddy, GET OUT OF IT!. Or I really am going to punch your car...or something to that effect.
So, in honor of the title of this post I'll share a video that my roommates and I thoroughly enjoy to the point of playing the same part over and over. (excuse me? don't judge us just because we're easily entertained).

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