Saturday, November 27, 2010

No big...

"what? you get really scared when you stay home by yourself?" , "yeah" , "oh, well then it's probably good you have roommates", " would be, except they're all home for Thanksgiving break."
This is the simplest version of the conversation I had many times this past week. You see...I am paranoid. It has gotten much better though...I'm only about minor paranoid now...uh, mostly. Usually I flip if I have to stay in a house by myself so...I just go somewhere else, where there are lots of people. But this past week, with all of my roommates home for Thanksgiving break and me having to work every day except Thanksgiving Day I had to stay in Provo. So there I was...alone. In a forty year old house complete with creaky floors and rapist basement free of charge. yay! This whole week I haven't even been able to sleep in my room...seriously, I get to freaked out to sleep in my room. So instead I have to go into all of the other rooms...make sure nothing or no one is in them and then shut the doors. After that I promptly fluff my pillow and set it on the couch where I know I will be tucking myself in for the rest of the week. Awesome. So, besides my OCD over which way the blinds have to be closed and needing the closet doors along with the bedroom doors all shut tightly...I'm mostly normal. Good thing the house doesn't make any creepy sounds...oh does. No big. But don't be suprised if the next thing you hear on the news is a story of a student who died paralyzed in fear...found by her roommates who returned after a whole week of family activities.

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